What to Do During Fall in Oregon Wine Country

sharing our favorite family-friendly fall experience at Knudsen Vineyards

It was founded in 1971 by Cal and Julia Lee Knudsen. They partnered with Dick Erath, another Oregon wine pioneer, to build Knudsen Erath Winery in 1976–the first commercial winery in the Dundee Hills. They also partnered with Rollin Soles in the 1980s to become Argyle’s founding vineyard. Then in 2012, the four Knudsen children decided to honor their parents’ legacy and make wine under the name of their now-iconic site Knudsen Vineyards.

About Knudsen Vineyards

They offer more than just an incredible view and history, they also offer a variety of fall tasting options. Their Autumn Outlook Package includes a tasting for two featuring five estate wines and a snack plate to share inside of their Outlook Tasting Room that just opened in June 2020. Then they also offer a kid-friendly juice tasting featuring three juices, a snack box, as well as an activity sheet, and crayons.

Why Visit Knudsen Vineyards?

When you arrive, your table is already set up and ready for the guests you mentioned when you reserved your spot. I loved that each kiddo had their own little snack box so that they could help themselves and color while my friend and I were enjoying our wines which they started serving right away. My fave was their 2019 Rose. I went home with a bottle and am patiently waiting to enjoy it alongside some takeout while binging a new Netflix show.

What Could I Expect?

Absolutely not! This would be a great experience for all sorts of occasions and you most definitely do not have to bring kids along. I will say, however, it was a very pleasant experience with my kids. They really know what they're doing!

Do I have to bring the kids?

All in all, I would have to say the autumn outlook tasting experience is a fall MUST if you’re in the area. I think it would make for a great outing whether it be an afternoon date, family day, or brunch time tasting with the girls. The space is set up to be comfortable for all occasions and I would absolutely feel comfortable bringing my kids back to the vineyard.

Would I go back?

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