Fun Self Care Ideas for March

By Twins&Coffee

Relax Outside

 Relax outdoors instead of on the couch or in bed. Clean off your patio and get comfortable! Even if it is raining, enjoy that fresh early spring-time air.

Pick an easy hike near your home and get outdoors. Use the AllTrails App to find an easy hike near you.

Take Out Your Hiking Shoes

Start a Patio Garden

The end of March is a great time to start your spring garden. If you're new to gardening, pick one new plant to care for.

Make a Sunny Day Playlist

There is nothing better than when the sun comes out. Enjoy the fresh sun with a new sunny day Spotify Playlist!

Get up in the morning and head outside with your coffee for a morning sunshine and journal sesh.

Journal in the Sun

Have Brunch with Friends

Whether it is rainy or sunny this March, get your friends together for an early spring-time brunch!

Learn about mental, emotional, and physical self care

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