How is Sunshine Good for Mental Health

By Twins&Coffee

How Does the Sun Help?

Vitamin D helps our bodies function as they should. It’s moreso that a lack of it is what affects our mental health. Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to an assortment of mental health conditions and can include the following symptoms according to WebMD.


I am not a medical professional. I am just someone who suffers from mental illness and experiences these symptoms from lack of sunshine. Do not take this as medical advice.

When I am lacking enough sunshine, I definitely notice a difference in my sleep quality. Getting outside, even just sitting on my patio, everyday typically solves this!

#1: Trouble Sleeping

#2: Poor Mood Changes

In a lack of sunshine, I notice that my moods are a lot more sporadic. Getting outside for a walk every few days (ideally everyday) solves this for me.

#3: Anxiety

It's crazy. I am so much more anxiety when I am not getting outside regularly. For me, I like to take one long hike or walk every week and I am so much less anxious if I do so.

This is one I haven't noticed for myself as much from a lack of Vitamin D, but my friend has shared with me that she is a lot less forgetful if she is getting outside regularly!

#4: Forgetfulness

#5: Loss of Interest in Things

If I am not getting outside, the depressive episodes start to kick in and loss of interest in anything is always the first to go.

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