How to Boost Your


for  moms

Stumped on how to raise your self esteem? Well, you’re in the right place. Today I am sharing my best tips for raising your self esteem and confidence!

Finding your worth is one of those things that will happen when it happens. It will be like a lightbulb moment for you. Realizing I was worthy of happiness and a good life was the start of when I truly started to feel confidence for the first time in my life. I felt like I was kind of confident before that point, but after finding my worth I quickly realized that who I was before wasn’t confident at all. She was just scared and doing what she needed to get by. But once I found my worth I started on what I now call my self love and healing journey and that is where I started to finally feel confident in myself and my life. And now? I want to help you do the same.

Tips for Boosting Your Self Esteem and Confidence


– Shut up your inner critic. Make it less harsh (you’re ugly – I’m okay!). You don’t always have to be a badass bitch but start believing you are “ok” and it’ll happen – Give yourself frequent pep talks – Wear what makes you feel beautiful and forget anyone else – Try out some new hobbies & master a new skill! I am working on the Instapot right now!

– Deep dive and list out accomplishments. They could be small ones from this past week, big ones over the last ten years, whatever works for you! – Forget comfort zones. Push the limit! – Work on healing. Coming to terms/peace will help you starting to raise your confidence – Work on ending little habits that bring you down. For example, I take regular social media breaks (even as an influencer) because I fall into bad pits if I let myself hang on for too long.

– Cut out people/things that drop your self-esteem – Begin to accept failure as a chance for growth – Start an affirmation, daily quote, SOMETHING book (look at my journaling tips here) – Make the tacky sticky note mirror full of quotes and affirmations – Listen to (or make up) a what I call, bad bitch playlist

– Practice speaking whenever you can – Shift mindset about shortcomings to how they benefit you – Celebrate small things! – Nighttime meditation/affirmations. – Do things that make YOU happy & you’ll start caring less. Trust me – Forget what you can’t change – Write yourself notes when you ARE feeling good and read them later ( I did this through my divorce when feeling like crap)

– Switch to realistic, attainable goals. Got a big one? Break it down into tiny pieces and be proud of each step – Do things for yourself. Dress for yourself, listen to music you enjoy, spend time as you like. Obviously, things come up in motherhood and life, but I’ll tell you what, I love my Bluetooth headphones lol – Fake it till you make it. This my friends is how I accomplish anything in life. I PRETEND I am doing okay and somehow, things turn out okay. Try it out.

I hope these ideas for how to raise your self esteem and boost your confidence help you do just that! Pick a few things from the list to practice for the next month and see how things go!