Therapy Exercise for



How this exercise from my therapist will help

This therapy exercise will help boost your self-esteem as it will help you determine what you're feeling deep down inside of the insecurities and will then give you actionable steps for moving forward.

Self Esteem Exercise

Step 1: Pull out your journal.

Step 2: Write down everything that comes to mind that you like about yourself.

Step 3: Write down everything that comes to mind that you don’t like about yourself.

Step 4: Tuck the lists away for a week.

Step 5: After a week (or a few days at least), read through the lists. Write down how you feel about the answers you gave.

Step 6: For every negative, you wrote, write down why you believe it to be true. For example, if you wrote down that you thought you were ugly, write down why you think that. This might be because your clothes don’t look good on you (a personal example).

Step 7: After writing out why you think the negatives are true, read through your answers and brainstorm ideas for how to turn them around. For example, if one of your negative opinions was that you were ugly and your answer to that was that you don’t fit into any of your clothes, your action item should be figuring out how to shop for clothes that fit you right in order to make you feel more confident.

Step 8: Turn your action items into goals. Going back to the clothes thing, your new goal should be to go out and purchase some new clothes that make you feel better about yourself. Clothes that fit well. If funds are tight, check out Goodwill and the Facebook Marketplace/other online market places!