How to Create a Sensory Bottle the

Easy Way

Sensory activities are perfect for your baby or toddler, and today I want to share with you guys just how to make sensory bottles.


What Goes Into a Sensory Bottle?

When you think sensory bottle ideas, think colors, textures, glitters and beads.

My favorite things to add to sensory bottles are beads, pipe cleaners, glitter, and other fun seasonal stuff.

To put it together, first chop up all of the things you bought into little pieces

For simplicity, I just chopped everything up and tossed them in a large, rinsed water bottle and then added some water and the glitter.

Talk about a super simple way to get your littles entertained by something! That is what I .love about sensory bottles. They’re so quick to whip up, and you could literally make them with anything.

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