how to finally feel


and inspired this week

What Causes a Lack of Motivation?

– not knowing what to do next – lacking the confidence to take action on something – thinking about how unproductive you’ve been lately – worrying that someone will judge your work if they see it (perfectionism)

Mental Health and Motivation

– spending time with friends and/or family who support and love you unconditionally. Once your mental health is stable, motivation will follow shortly after. – taking time to rest. Yes, it is THAT important when it comes to your mental well-being. – eating foods that are good for your body and mind. This is a must! If you make sure to eat properly, motivation will follow suit as well. – treating yourself with things you love such as: buying a new book or going on a shopping trip (just make sure it’s not too expensive). You deserve to treat yo’ self every once in awhile 🙂 – writing down the things that inspire you – whether they’re quotes from books, songs from artists, etc., writing those words of motivation can help keep them fresh in your head when motivation is low.

let's dive into ideas for finding motivation when you've been feeling uninspired for a while


– Set baby goals, no, smaller than those! – Celebrate the tiniest steps – Break down tasks into tiny sub-tasks, crossing off will feel amazing – Start the day with a self-love journal (affirmations, word of the day, the goal of the day, check-in, etc) – Find inspiration from books or podcasts, NOT social media – Write out a small goal and stick it everywhere – Understand that your best looks different on different days – Focus on benefits, not how hard it is to get up or the wet hair after a shower

– Reconsider how you talk to yourself – you’re not dumb. You’re okay. – Make sure you’re planning in time just for you and the things that re-energize your soul – Not sure what you even want to do? Start with this- I want you to drink one full cup of water today. Just one. I don’t care if it takes the entire day, I just want that ONE glass drank – Easier said than done, but I am a huge fan of FITYMI. So, put your uncomfortable self in the shower and stand there – Give it one try. Just like we tell our kids. I know you don’t want to do ____, but why don’t you give it five minutes.

– Give yourself rewards! This is honestly how I stay motivated as a WFHM. I have timers set on my phone and I’ll work for that time frame with my phone on DND and for some reason, that 30 minute or hour timer ends up feeling like a present when I get to open my phone and check back in on social and messages – Don’t kick yourself for asking for help. Therapy. Friend. Family. House Cleaner. Mothers helper. Do what you need.