how to start showing yourself


& love


drop negative self-talk

Obviously easier said than done, but a few ways to work through this is to write yourself love notes and drop them around the house, set a reminder on your phone to periodically go off with a positive message, or my favorite, sticking a handful of post-it notes to your mirror filled with love towards yourself.


say NO to others and YES to you

You aren’t put on this earth to please everyone. One of my favorite sayings is “you can do anything but not everything” and that especially holds true in how you spend your time for yourself and others.


show up for yourself everyday

Do what makes your heart happy and show yourself love. Whether that be setting a simple goal like working out one day each week and sticking to it, or looking at yourself in the mirror and admitting to yourself that you are not ok and need to ask for help, showing up for yourself is important when showing yourself kindness.


put your oxygen mask on first

You can’t possibly continue to take care of everyone else when you are literally hanging on by a strand. Show yourself compassion by stepping back and evaluating what you need to re-energize and move forward.


allow yourself to rest

No one is perfect and “on” 24/7. That to-do list doesn’t always have to be checked off, you don’t need to push yourself constantly, and sometimes you frankly need more rest. Rest does not equal failure. Rest is taking care of yourself and your most primal needs.

another great way to show yourself love is by repeating affirmations to yourself daily