How to Make DIY Cold Brew at Home

By Twins and Coffee

Wondering how to make the EASIEST strong cold brew at home? Let me teach you how to make cold brew coffee with cheesecloth at home and help you save some money!

What you need:  – Glass pitcher – Reusable cheesecloth bag – Coarsely ground coffee – Room temp water

Step 1:  In the cheesecloth bag, add 1 cup of ground coffee for every 4 cups of water. Close up the bag & tie shut.

Step 2: Hold the bag in the pitcher like you would a tea bag with the strings holding it up on the outside of the pitcher.

Step 3: Pour in the water just as you would with a teabag to the very top of your pitcher.

Step 4: Cover the pitcher with the lid and place it on your countertop for 24 hours (12 at a minimum) before removing the cheesecloth the next day.

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