7 tips for finding


in the day for busy moms

Tip #1: Let’s get REAL.

My first tip when it comes to making more TIME? Being real. You’re never going to get absolutely everything you want to get done, done. Especially if you are a big dreamer like myself! Instead, you have to be REAListic. What exactly HAS to be done and what do you WANT to get done. Odds are, that the first list is a lot shorter and manageable.  So, you start there. I make little cuts like all throughout my day and you know what? It gives me the TIME to do what I actually want to do!

Tip #2: Time to Prepare

Preparation is one of my ultimate tips on how to find more time in the day. My favorite example; the diaper bag. Now when you get home from the zoo, for example, you might be tired. Just want to get the kids down for a nap or dinner on the table and be able to clock out after the day. BUT this is the time when you know exactly what you need to refill in your diaper bag. You know exactly how many diapers you used, snacks you ate, or accidental undies were used. Instead of tossing the bag on the floor and saving it for “future you”, fill it up now. I promise you, it’ll take less time now. Plus, when you need to leave next, it is one less thing to worry about AND you can just grab it and go.

Tip #3: Planning over Prepping

I think meal prepping is a total waste of time. For my family anyway. Why? Because more often than not I’ll forget to get the crockpot going, or I’ll be tired of chicken by day three and order out anyways, and whoops. There goes the money spent on dinner! Time put in- GONE. Money spent on a full week of chicken meals? GONE. Meal planning saves so much time and energy for me, and really allows me to go with the flow. It’s how I find a big chunk of time, actually. I am very sure that you’ll find the planning to help you out a lot more than you think it will!

Tip #4: Time to BLOCK

Okay, now that you have a few of my basic tips when it comes to how to find more time in the day, we’re going to talk about how to better manage your time to make the most of your day! Blocking means cutting your day into time chunks and giving those chunks of time purpose. I love using blocks because they help me really focus on the task at hand. And they also help me prioritize. If I don’t get everything done within the block period, that’s it. It waits for tomorrow.

Tip #5: Stop Cleaning Your House

Yep. I said it. Stop. Tip #5 on how to find more time in the day might be a complete no go for you, but I bet it would help more than it would annoy you. The last time I actually cleaned my whole house? No clue. I have better things to be spending my time on. You have little humans. Little disastrous humans who are actually walking tornadoes. Instead, give yourself thirty minute blocks or even an hour if you think you can swing it. Do what you can within that time chunk and then the rest can WAIT.

Tip #6: Nap time is GO TIME!

Or quiet time. Whatever it is for you. It's GO TIME! Again, that comes to the blocks!  You have got to make a plan for nap time go time. The key is to list out the things that you CAN’T do with the kids awake or running around to where you can't think. For me, that is writing, reading, thinking. LOL! I make sure to only work on those types of things while they nap. I leave anything that I can at least sort of do with them, or while they play in the living room, for after nap time.

Tip #7: Just S.T.A.R.T

Girl, just START. This is a huge one. More often than not, I find myself and others worrying so much about what to do, when to do it, and the cycle gets us NO. WHERE. It gets us nowhere near where we want to be. Makes everything take even longer. It only brings more stress. So instead of worrying about scheduling everything at the right time, the right moment, and the right day, girl just DO IT. You can always switch up what you’re doing later. Get started today and figure it out as you go!