Toddler Proof


for the holidays

Tip #1: Decorate up high

This is obvious, right? Decorate out of reach? Here is what I put together this year for out of reach decorations.


Tip #2: Go plastic or go without

Honestly, I’m opting for without this year. I figured I’d rather just go without over having to pick up and replace ornaments all season long. Instead I went for a garland wrapped around the tree that honestly, I do have to put back up every now and again, but it’s much easier than a bunch of ornaments!


Tip #2: Prelit tree > Unlit tree

Guess what? Those wild toddlers can’t rip off lights from a pre-lit tree! And trust me. They’ll try! I went for it and bought a pre-lit tree this year after the twins trying to pull off the lights last year and am so happy with my decision!


Tip #4: Go wild outside!

My biggest toddler proof Christmas decorating hack? Decorate outside! Not only does it make you look like the best house on the block, but you get to enjoy the decorations someplace where the kids can’t get to them!