Loving Affirmations for

Your Daughter


Looking to starting sharing daily words of affirmation with your daughter? Here re some great loving and supportive affirmations for daughters!


– I appreciate you – I can see your inner strength – I am so proud of you – I love being your parent – I love your creativity


– I trust you – I understand you – You are so kind – You inspire me – You are so brave


– You don’t need to be perfect – I will always love you – You are a joy to be around – I am so grateful to have you – You are worthy of all good things in life


– You have kindness in your heart – You are the light of my life – You are truly amazing – You are born to do great things – You make others smile


– You have great ideas – I accept who you are – Don’t be afraid to be you – Your friends are lucky to have you – I learn new things from you every day


– You have a bright smile – You are one talented girl – You are enough for yourself – Your confidence is beautiful – You are allowed to feel your feelings


– You will solve any problem – You have such  a gentle heart – You are helpful – I love learning from you – I love seeing the world your way

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