Tips for Supporting Your


Right Now

One of the best things you can do when you’re struggling with your mental health is dive into mental health self-help tools to begin supporting your mental well-being. I know therapy isn’t for everyone. While it is something that I find to be an important factor in my own mental health journey, therapy totally doesn’t have to be a part of your own journey. And at that, you shouldn’t feel guilty for it either! Some things work for some people while other things work for others. A variation of mental health self-help tools might just be it for you.

Tips for Supporting Your Mental Health


I’ve tried an abundance of “mental health support apps” and with that, I can honestly say they’re all worth a shot. Like I’ve said a few times at this point, what works for someone else might not work for you. You might find that the random app you never thought would help might be best for you, or teach you something you hadn’t thought about before.


Here are a few of my favorite apps for mental health support: – Happify – eMoods – DARE – & Self-Help for Anxiety Management Another good one with plenty of quotes about mental health that has helped me is PINTEREST! There are so many inspirational quote posts on Pinterest and I love to save them to boards to read through later.


Untamed – Glennon Doyle Maybe You Should Talk to Someone – Lori Gottlieb Permission to Feel – Marc Brackett Unfuck Yourself – Gary John


One of my favorite tools for mental health support is journaling. Journal your thoughts when you are having a hard day, or even a good day! Buy yourself a happy yellow or fun journal that makes you smile. Keep it on your nightstand. If you really want to dive in, search Pinterest for journaling prompts.


Something I’ve recently dived into that has been an eye-opening experience is bullet journal habit tracking for following the ups and downs of my moods. You can also use it for tracking an abundance of things like exercise, sleep, medication, and more. For a long time, I was very against bullet journals and just thought it was a waste of time. But something about doodling in a pretty journal with some fun pens just makes my heart happy. Filling in the little designs I’ve created every day to track my mood has become a norm and it’s offered me something to bring to the table in therapy that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

Habit Tracking

Before you roll your eyes at me- hear me out. I’m not talking luxurious baths, bath bombs, or face masks here. I’m talking about intentionally setting aside time to take care of yourself. To take your meds, refill your prescription, breathe, collect your thoughts or do nothing. I have come to find along my own journey that oftentimes self-care is talked about as an extreme thing to do for yourself. But for me, self-care means nurturing what makes you, YOU.


Now, we’ve talked a bit about self-help tools for mental health. But if you’re thinking you want to take it a step further I really suggest looking into therapy. Something I’ve recently dived into is online therapy through BetterHelp and it has been a godsend. the 24/7 chat feature is by far my favorite.

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