Outdoor Self Care Ideas for

sunny days


Oh the sunshine. What wonders it can do for your mental health! I think warm, summer days make self care just that much easier. Something about the sunshine makes me want to do the kind things on this list of self care ideas for warm days for myself that other days I struggle with. Self care during summer can be fun and exciting, especially with these self care ideas for warm days that include self care in the sunshine!

How is Summer Time Good for Our Mental Health


So, we get it. Sunshine is good for our mental health. It provides us with vitamin D. But why is that good for our mental health? Vitamin D helps our bodies function as they should. It’s moreso that a lack of it is what affects our mental health. Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to an assortment of mental health conditions and can include these symptoms according to WebMD: – Mood changes accompanied by overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, sadness, and hopelessness – Fatigue – Forgetfulness – Loss of interest in activities that previously sparked excitement – Suicidal thoughts – Anxiety – Loss of appetite – Excessive weight loss or gain – Trouble sleeping‌‌

Outdoor Self Care Ideas for Sunny Days


– Relax outdoors instead of on the couch or in bed – Head to the farmers market – Pick an easy hike near your home and get outdoors – Make a list of local trails near you and try to walk them all – Start your own backyard / patio garden – Make a kick ass summer sunny day playlist – Journal in the early morning sunshine

– Have a picnic (solo or as a date night!) – Make brunch plans with a friend and sit outdoors – Give yourself a spa day and show off the fresh pedicure – Buy some new feel good summer clothes – Find a drive in movie near you – Head to my favorite place; the beach!

– Go for ice cream and enjoy it outside – Balance your summer budget (we all know activities can get spendy!) – Plan a summer camping trip – Or a vacation! – Pick a clear night to go stargazing – Make a fun bucket list and STICK TO IT! – Protect your skin with some good skincare and sunscreen

– Head to a local park and read or meditate outside – Make a summer reading list – Spend some time at the pool – Have fun outside trying out photography – Join an outdoors painting class (or make your own with friends) – Disconnect for the day and spend time exploring – Go for a nice drive with the windows down and the music blasting