Self Help Tools for Mental Illness That Work!

sharing tips + two techniques for calming yourself down on hard days

Three Daily Things That Will Help: – set timers to remind you to drink water/eat – Ask a friend to write you an affirmations list & keep it close on the hard days – Vent into a voice note in your phone and make sense of it when you're feeling better

I want you to imagine a golden light flowing gently through your body from your toes up to your brain. Let the light glide through your toes, limbs, fingers, and on upto your head. Check in with your body along the way and release the tension you're holding as you move up your body

Self Help Exercise

I want you to imagine you are a small pebble floating down to the bottom of the ocean. This is a different take on the 5 senses technique. I want you to close your eyes and pretend you're that pebble and on your way down to the sandy bottom, ask yourself what you see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. I usually envision myself floating to the bottom of the great barrier reef

Self Help Exercise

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