Simple Self Care Ideas for 

terrible days

Bad mental health day tips are everywhere but this list of self care ideas for bad days is something you need to keep with you. Here you will find 30 different ideas for self care on the hard days.

Self Care Ideas for Terrible Days


Clean-up one room in your house while blasting your favorite music Try to do your hair and makeup. I know it is so hard, but try this one thing Give yourself a mental health day and head to the beach (or another fave spot out of your city) Change up your routine! I usually take myself to my fave coffee shop to work on bad mental health days

Create or add to your happy wall! (click here to learn more) Practice GRACE and give yourself a damn break. You deserve to slow down. Slow down with a book or your fave show under your fave cozy blanket Do your usual morning routine no matter how long it takes Practice positive self-talk. Look yourself in the mirror and say out loud a handful of positive affirmations and good things about yourself. If you need help with what to say, click here or ask a friend for your best qualities to repeat back to yourself

Make a watch-list on your streaming platform of choice & start a NEW show/movie that will get you out of your head Sit on your patio and breathe Meditate. I love the insight timer Scroll through Pinterest quotes and save them to a special board. Scroll long enough until you find one that you want to take with you for the day

Drink a LARGE glass of water before anything else Tuck your phone away Indulge in the sad, but set a timer. Once time is up turn on your fave upbeat music and start with the smallest/quickest thing on your todo list Order your fave take-out as many times as you need. We’re going off track today and that is okay. Mozzarella sticks for lunch? Sounds good to me

Go for a walk. Even if it’s to the end of your street and back. You DID it! Turn on your fave kid’s movie. Mine go to’s are Up and Inside Out Take out your fave guided journal and run through a few pages. Check out my favorite one from No Filter Co. here! Give yourself a FULL self-care shower during your next bad mental health day. I’m talking body scrub, hair mask, body soak, everything

Make yourself a priorities list (three MUST do’s and three WANT to do’s) and alternate between the must’s and want’s Reach out to a few friends and see who can meet up for lunch/dinner/coffee/drinks Cook your GO TO favorite meal. Instacart what you need Color a page or two in an adult (or kids) coloring book DRIVE! Drive drive drive. You don’t need a set destination, just a kickass playlist and maybe your go-to drink

Buy yourself some flowers (or plants) Snag a cute art kit from your local craft store and try it out Facetime a friend and vent on the bathroom floor until you feel like you can stand up and keep the convo going in another direction BRAIN DUMP! This is my go-to for when my mind is spinning or blank