Time Blocking Tips for Busy Moms

By Twins and Coffee

Need some help organizing your time and day as a busy mom? Time blocking is an easy way to schedule your day efficiently so that you can get the most done in a realistic way!

First, get a paper planner with individual days mapped out that does NOT have the hours of the day listed on the individual days. 

The key to the time blocking method: Instead of going by the times in the day, you’ll go by events instead.

Think: “Before the kids wake up” “During play time” “During nap time”.

My twins for example usually wake up around 9AM each day. So from the time I wake up until then is my “First Block” and I’ll schedule out things to do that aren’t too loud and things that are hard to do with the twins awake.

The key for easy time blocking for me is making sure I’m not holding myself to any strict timelines.

Here is an example of what my days look like with this method:

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