Stress Reducing

Tips and Ideas for Moms

If you’re a mom struggling with mental illness, these stress reducing tips for moms should help you learn how to lower your stress levels!

Tips to Reduce Stress for Moms


There are so many ways to tackle the core of what is driving you nuts, but my best stress reducing tips for moms start with:

– Understanding your “stressed” signs. – & Creating solutions for those signs.

Understanding your stress, like previously mentioned, is key to being able to move forward and NOT cause yourself that kind of stress again.

Some of the signs of stress overload include: – irritability – upset stomach – aches/muscle pains – insomnia – & low energy

Here is a big list of some awesome self care ideas that should definitely help you when you are feeling stressed to the MAX!

Clean-up one room in your house while blasting your favorite music

Change up your routine! I usually take myself to my fave coffee shop to work on bad mental health days

Practice GRACE and give yourself a damn break. You deserve to slow down. Slow down with a book or your fave show under your fave cozy blanket

Make a watch-list on your streaming platform of choice & start a NEW show/movie that will get you out of your head

Indulge in the sad, but set a timer. Once time is up turn on your fave upbeat music and start with the smallest/quickest thing on your todo list

Go for a walk. Even if it’s to the end of your street and back. You DID it!

Make yourself a priorities list (three MUST do’s and three WANT to do’s) and alternate between the must’s and want’s

For all 30, swipe up!

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