Sunny Day Self Care Ideas for


If you're looking for sunny day self care ideas that you can do both outside and inside, this post is for you!

Sunny Day Self Care Ideas


Spring clean! Organize your spring clothing Plan a brunch date with your best friend Journal in the sunshine Open up the windows and meditate

Create a new reading list and get started on it Pick out a fun spring themed coloring book and zone out coloring in some of the pages Eat some meals outside (on your own or as a family) Start planning summer trips if you haven’t already Liven up your home with fresh flowers

Research gardening and start your first flower/vegetable/fruit bed Try out a new hobby you’ve been eying Go to your favorite coffee shop and enjoy your coffee outside Get into journaling (sitting outside with your journal can do your mental health wonders!) Take a few hikes around your area

Open up the windows to let as much natural light as you can into your home Clean out your closet Add some floral/springtime smells to your home Revisit your skincare routine

Mix up some fun fruity cocktails or mocktails Try out new recipes with springtime produce Go for a drive with the windows down and the music blasting