What to Bring to the Beach with



Taking a toddler or two to the beach sounds like a car packed full of crap you’re never actually going to use, right? Most trips to the beach with toddlers tend to go that way, I know our first trip I majorly overpacked. It can be hard not to when who knows what kind of mood your little will decide to be in for the day. But after some trial and error, as well as asking around, I think I’ve put together the most solid list of toddler beach must haves you’ve ever seen. It features some common sense stuff, but also some tricks that I think you guys will love.

Toddler Must Haves for a Beach Day


If you’re in a sunny area, unlike the Oregon Coast most days, bring those sunscreen and rash guards. Keep your littles safe from the sun!

Sun Protection

Swim suits might be optional, but extra clothes are not! The first thing my twins do when we get to the beach is sprint for the water and dive into the wet sand. Their clothes are sandy and soaked within a few minutes. Extra clothes are a must.

Swim Suits + Extra Clothes

And for all those messy clothes, you’ll want a garbage bag or two to carry them back home. You don’t want even MORE sand around your car, bags and what not after your trip to the beach with toddlers.


Don’t be like me and let your littles play in their nice shoes at the beach. I’m not even sure how to begin to clean them now. Bring or wear sand shoes to the beach to avoid that mess I brought home.

Sand Shoes

Of course you need one of these for lounging at the beach. You could bring chairs, but we never get use out of the chairs while chasing the twins around so I simply suggest a blanket for the kids to sit, play and eat on.

Beach Blanket

The best beach toys for toddlers are dumping toys. My twins love filling up toy trucks and dumping the sand after. But honestly, any sand buckets and such would do just fine.

Dumping Fun Toys

If you’re planning on getting into the water, bring swim diapers for your younger toddlers.

Swim Diapers

Okay hear me out. This is a hack I’ve always heard of but I finally tried it out during our last beach trip with the twins and OMG it WORKS! All you have to do is pour some baby powder over their sandy arms and legs and you can literally rub off the sand. I was so surprised!

Baby Powder

Can’t forget the drinks for everyone!

Water Bottles

If you don’t have a beach capable stroller for your littles, a carrier is your next best friend. Think about your trek down to the ocean before you decide against bringing one!

Carrier (for younger ones)

And a little tip, make sure to grab your kids their OWN snacks. That way those cute sandy fingers have their own snacks to touch! For our trip, I grabbed a fresh made sandwich for my husband and I, a small container of chopped and mixed fruit, a snack cup of pepperoni sticks and cheese for the twins as their own snack, and some chips and guacamole.


This is the last must I have to share with you guys today. The day might turn chaotic. It might be crazy. You shouldn’t go to the beach in a bad mindset if you’re going to the beach with toddlers. We all know they’re wild. You need to be in a good headspace to be able to conquer the possible (and likely) madness that is to come.

Good Mindset