Easy Indoor Activities for Toddlers

By Twins and Coffee

Stuck inside but need to keep the toddlers busy? I have five great no prep indoor activities for toddlers that are easy on parents!

All you need for this is some construction paper laid out and their blocks collection. Have your toddlers sort their blocks on the colored pieces of paper.

Color Matching

Toddler Yoga

Type in “toddler yoga” on YouTube and let your tots pick a video to watch. My twin toddlers love dancing around to the music and trying out the poses.

Easy Obstacle Course

Use any boxes you have lying around the house to create an obstacle course for your toddler. They'll be running around for quite a while!

Building Towers

Pull out the building blocks and tell your toddlers to build a garage, princess castle, etc.

Sticker Shapes

Take some construction paper and draw simple shapes or letters.Give your kiddos some of those circle stickers usually used for garage sales and encourage them to draw the shapes with their stickers.

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