how to work on your


in motherhood


understand mom guilt

This is going to sound really deep, because it is. But sit down and really think about mom guilt. What is making you feel guilt in motherhood? Why does another mom suggesting you put your kids to bed earlier get under your skin and make you feel less than? Odds are, it’s because you’re struggling with accepting yourself and your own decisions. Which circles back to your confidence in motherhood and yourself.


understand mom guilt

Take a moment to jot down on paper or in your phone the last couple times you felt “mom guilt”. What did another person say to you? How did you react? How did it make you feel?


understand mom guilt

Then ask yourself, why did I feel that way? And then, what can I do to feel better about this topic? Can you better educate yourself on car seat safety? Can you find it within yourself to trust yourself and recognize that the other person does not live your life?


trust your instincts

Obviously within reason, but seriously. Trust them! You do know what to do. Even from the beginning.


disregard others opinions

Forget Suzie, Brenda, and Brittany’s “advice”. If it’s not about safety, (ie. car seats, baby-led weaning, etc) walk away. You don’t need it. You know your kids, your situation, and your lifestyle. Don’t let their opinions get to you. Say “no thank you” and move along.


find good mom friends

My #1 tip to becoming a confident mom is finding a set of good mom friends. Even one will have you set. Find moms who hold the same values as you, lift you up, encourage you, and most of all, love your kids like their own. I know they get a bad rep, but you can meet some really beautiful people in your local mom groups. You can also meet new moms through story-time, park trips, or any sort of local events.

The confident mom you aspire to be is in you, you just gotta find her.