DIY Treat Slipper


perfect for husbands!

I honestly think it is a brilliant DIY gift for men because it could go for any age. Your husband, your dad, your son. My husband lives in his slippers at home, and Christmas is usually the time that we refresh our slipper collection. So why not make them into some DIY treat slippers?

What you need:


Slippers (obviously) Gift card Favorite Snacks Small gift Box + tissue paper

To put the gift together, simply stuff the gifts inside of the new pair of slippers and then package in either a box with tissue paper or a large bag. Just remember to keep them upright so that they are still put together Christmas morning!

It was actually so easy to put together, it’s almost ridiculous. All I did was think of a few of my husbands favorite things. Well, that would fit inside of slippers. I also gave myself a budget because honestly, this idea could get way out of hand. But it could also be really cheap! I ended up somewhere in the middle. I spent about $40 on the goodies that went inside of the slippers. I could have gone a lot cheaper, but I could have also easily spent over $100 on the DIY treat slippers.