Funny Introvert Quotes About


Being an introvert at an in person job can be miserable, but these quotes for introverts about work should give you a laugh and help your coworkers understand why you hate their morning small talk once and for all!


“Please don’t answer. Please don’t answer. Please don’t answer. Please don’t answer (me making a phone call).” – Unknown


“Coworker: why are you always so quiet? Me: First of all, I don’t like you.”  –


“I wish it was socially acceptable to say ‘I don’t care’ and just walk away from the conversation.”  – @hxrtbitch


“Pro tip: never be sad on a holiday/weekend. Cry on a work day. Get paid for your depression. Don’t let capitalism win.” – @wyerman_ktk


“I love my job; it’s the people I can’t stand.” – Unknown


“I’m not antisocial at work. I’m just practicing my ‘professional distancing’ skills.” – Unknown


“I don’t mind working late as long as it’s after everyone else has gone home.” – Unknown

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