Hilarious and Relatable Introvert



Love making fun of your introverted self? Here is a list of hilarious and relatable quotes about introverts that will make you LOL after saying "same" while sending to your extroverted best friend.


“A large group of people is called a ‘no thanks’.”  – ourmindfullife.com


“You are so quiet.” “I wish you were too.” – Unknown


“How introverts make friends: 10% they don’t, 90% an extrovert found them, liked them, and adopted them.” – Unknown


“So it’s ok for cats to hide away when visitors come to the house but when I do it I’m anti-social.”  – ourmindfullife.com


“I am introverted. This means if I see you in public and have a chance to pass by without you seeing me, I will take the chance.” – The Minds Journal


“If I was accidentally weird to you once, just know I will be thinking about it every night for the next 50 years.” – Unknown


“I always regret the plans I made when I was in a 5 minute extroverted mood.”  – Unknown

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