15 Things That Will Help You Move On

After the Breakup


Figuring out how to move on after a hard breakup is made easy with this list of ideas for moving on and getting over your ex. These tips will help you finally get over your ex for good and help you grow after the breakup, no matter how bad it was.


Unfollow/unfriend and block on social media. STOP LURKING! It's only hurting you.


Block their number. Don't even give yourself a chance to text them "I miss you" at two am. Been there. Done that. It only hurt me more.


Delete all of your text threads. You need to stop re-reading them. Delete them and DON'T LOOK BACK!


Delete all of your pictures/videos/screenshots with that person. Do not NOT need them because you are not taking them back! Delete those text thread screenshots too!


Get rid of all of their things/things they gave you. Yes, even their hoodie that you love sleeping in. Drop it in the dumpster and don't look back.


Block them on Facebook memories. Man, those hurt the worst and they always hit you out of no where. Go into settings and you can block all mentions of them and special dates as well.


Write letters to them every day in your notes app until it hurts less. This is probably the tip that helped me the most. I wrote mile long threads "to" them in my notes every time I was sad to be able to freely vent.

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